Friday, 14 October 2016



Deep in the heart of Oshogbo Kingdom, a secret century old, evidence in a single statue is on the verge of being exposed. 

A secret so dangerous it could shake the foundation of Yoruba history.

After a struggle with an elderly woman, a young girl becomes the victim of a curse that threatens to destroy her life and those of the ones she loves. Her only salvation lies in a statue.

She joins forces with an art thief who is on the run from guards of The Lodge. A secret society; whose members are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to retrieve this statue and protect their secret.
In a breathless race through the streets of Lagos, and a face-off with a deadly soldier, intent on a mission from which he cannot fail.

A soldier on a mission, but also locked in a desire to be with the woman he loves. He must not return without the statue, he cannot lose his woman.

Missions, aspirations, desires, emotions collide in this exhilarating tale, a blend of restless adventure, historical intrigue, mythological genius and romance. 

Kasala is a fascinating thriller, full of surprises, loaded with suspense at every twist … till its unpredictable end!

Azubike A. Ahubelem: has an MSc in Information & Communication Technology. He gets inspired by things around him and tries to relate it to things he writes. He writes pure fiction but has been privileged to have his opinion expressed in Punch Newspaper where his article, “Taming the Monster of Crime,” was published.

He is the author of Don't Join a bold novel that provides a fascinating window into the hidden underbelly of gang life in Nigerian Universities. He is also the creator of a comic series that goes by the same title.

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