Saturday, 5 December 2015


Don't Join-Complete 7 Issues

The  comic adaptation of DON’T JOIN, a harrowing tale of gang warfare at a university in Nigeria, follows one man who goes from innocent student to brutal gang leader and back again. Uche, the protagonist, helps the audience understand the intricate and dangerous world of the gangs(also called students cults) from an outsider’s and an insider’s perspectives. He provides a fascinating window into the hidden underbelly of gang life. Uche’s character arc is perhaps the strongest part of the story. The reader sees him gradually become more and more drawn into the criminal world, a version of the classic story of a hero being corrupted by power. Still, the audience relates to him.

The lore and traditions surrounding gang membership are not often explored in this much detail. Audiences are well-acquainted with movies about the mafia and inner city gangs, but the African setting offers a different spin on a familiar genre.

Uche is a straitlaced student at a Nigerian university, who witnesses with horror the violence perpetrated by rival campus gangs. However, after the death of his friend Joe, who had been a gang member, Uche is gradually seduced by the power and strange traditions of the gangs. He joins the Warriors, Joe’s gang, and moves up the ranks while dating Joe’s old girlfriend, Uju. Despite enduring serious injuries and multiple close calls, Uche thrives in the gang and gains a reputation and a fearsome adversary

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