Saturday, 9 May 2015

Protecting your sons from cultism

                         Protecting your sons from cultism 

Protecting your sons from joining cult gangs requires loads of hard work. Cultism is damaging to the cultist, their families and to the society at large. Joining a cult greatly increases the chance of your child getting tangled in violence, criminality, and drugs. Knowing how cults operate and recognising signs of participation will enable you act fast if your sons show signs of at-risk behaviour.

 Become more involved with your sons.Identify who your son’s friends are and where they “hang out’. Encourage your sons to keep friends who are not interested in cultism. If your Sons hang around with people who are cultist it is very likely that they might join also. Illuminate the endangerments of Cultism. Show them you are against cultism and that you don’t want to see you them dead, wounded, detained or imprisoned.

 Warn them not to use cult gang handshakes and codes or wear specific colours which have meaning to cult gangs in their Universities. Discuss drugs with them and the danger it brings in details not just a warning. If you do so they are less probable to use drugs. Spend quality time with them. Remain an encouraging role model and be exemplary.

 Build their self-esteem so they don’t seek approval from elsewhere. Show them you love them. Speak positively and be very attentive to them. Individuals with solid family support are less prone to joining of cultism for a sense of belonging. Educate your sons how to deal with peer pressure and to settle disputes without violence. Don’t always solve problems for them, do it together. Inspire them to be self-reliant.

Watch closely for negative influences.

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