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The Warriors aka Devoted Sons of Thor

The Warriors aka Devoted Sons of Thor
The Warriors, a name given to the fictional Cult gangs in the novel ‘Don’t Join’

History, Purpose, and Beliefs
The Warriors gang was started during the colonial era, when higher institutions in Nigeria had less violence. Gradually during the course of time, nonstudents came to the environments to exploit these loopholes, harming the innocent and robbing the weak. All outcry and protest against this ill-treatment only gave birth to rebuke.This then resulted in the formation of the Warrior gang as a revolutionary vigilante force to fight against this evil with the strength of Thor.

Command must be obeyed,   Brotherhood, Discipline, honour, and a lust for good battles

Warriors owe total submission to Thor. Thor is the god of Thunder. Warriors believe in Valhalla, known as the hall of the slain, as a hall with 540 doors and roof made of shields. Souls of heroes were brought in by Valkyrie, a female horse riding angels. Their horses had wings like the famous Pegasus of Greek mythology. These heroes fought during the day, but their wounds healed before night when they banqueted with Odin, father of Thor.
Heroism from death in a battle is a blessing to warriors; they embrace wars, for they believe that only when they are slain by a blade or killed by a bullet in battle shall a true warrior find peace in Valhalla.

Guiding principles
1.       Authority: Command must be obeyed 
2.       Vengeance: Every crime has its price
3.       Assiduous: No lagging on board.
4.       Audacity: Even in the face of death, never hang a leg.
5.       Sacrifice: Murder is sacrifice
6.       Immortality: Death is immortality
7.        Merriment : Singing, Drinking and Womanizing
8.       Orientation: Learn all the rule and term of a warrior
9.       Punishment: Lack of knowledge or orientation, insubordination or breaking rules results in punishment.
10.   Stealing: Do not steal from a fellow warrior
11.   Fighting: Do not fight your fellow warrior in the anchor point
12.   Devotion: Total submission to Thor

1.       Warchief: Leader
2.       Warpriest: Enforces the decisions of the Warcheif.
3.        DCS (Destroyer and Creator of Soul). His duty was to oversee the initiation process.
4.        Hauler: He punished offenders when the need arose.
5.       Treasure Fingers: Collect dues, keep and account for all income.
6.       Senior Jinglier:  led members in choruses and gyration.
7.       Shipmate. The personal body guard to the Warchief
8.       Quarter Master (4PM). His duty was enforcing certain issues which involved dress code, attendance of meetings and so on. He had the power to take instant action against anyone if he felt the person defaulted.

The Departments
Doom-squad aka The Spirits: A specially designated and equipped unit of five selected personnel. Designated for special operations. Members of this unit must be good marks men, must be swift and willing to use extreme force.

Intel (Intelligence):  This unit is in charge of strategic intelligence, operational intelligence and tactical intelligence. Members of this Unit must have spying abilities and be able to operate covertly. They must never owe due.

InfantryEngage in face-to-face combat with enemies. It comprises of all other member of the Warriors gang who are not part of the leaders or members of the Doom-squad or Intel.

An example of how warriors identify themselves from other gangs.

Warrior 1: Make your self known?
Warrior 2: I am, I am (states nick name), a devoted son of Thor one time this (state previous rank), current (state current ranks) of (States serial number of his department), sailing (state chapters name) as the (states current rank).
If warrior 1 feels alright with warrior 2 reply he administers a hand shake or orders him to give him his respect if he is higher in rank. If not he would request a quote.

Below is a brief extract from Don't Join;

'Finally, we got to our destination and Stone made a call. Seconds later, a car came towards our direction; two hefty guys jumped out and said to us, “Make yourselves known.” Instantly I answered, “I am, I am Mighty One, a devoted son of Thor one time this, one time that, current Strikechief of zone10.10.80, sailing ABC Old Hulking as the Quartermaster. Who wants to know me?” They kept quiet and turned to Captain K and asked him to make himself known but I intercepted and blurted out, “I said who wants to know me, C’mon!” My tone was harsh and it suggested aggression. They looked at me and one of them said, “I am Dim, devoted son of Thor, a member of the Intel 5.5.” And I screamed at him, “State your rank.” He replied, “Current serving spy.” I stared at him as if irritated and said to him in a highly commanding tone, “C’mon give me my respect.” So he held my elbow with both hands and said, “Senior man, I am loyal Sir.” I was higher in rank to him and by Warriors tradition; you greet a higher authority by gripping his elbow with both hands. Then I turned to the second one, “Give me a complete quote.” He looked at me and said, “We are nothing but savages if rules are not obeyed.” I looked at him in disgust and said, “State your rank” and he replied, “Serving gun Doomsquad.

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